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A Good Spell

Feature in Development Supported by BFI network backed Short Circuit's 'First Features' scheme.

In 1970s Glasgow, 11 year old Charlie Adair is an outcast. Growing up in a run-down tenement, he’s bullied at school for being eccentric and effeminate, preferring practicing the ‘Wuthering Heights’ dance routine to playing football.


After Charlie has a vision of his Mum being in an accident, he confronts her about his mysterious powers. But rather than being upset, Charlie’s Mum is excited. Charlie, she tells him, is a witch!

A Good Spell is a heart-filled, character-driven story about mothers and sons; about magic and mental health; and about the power we can hold when we lean into who we really are.

Written by

Michael Lee Richardson


Reece Cargan

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Feature in Development Supported by BFI network backed Short Circuit's 'First Features' scheme.

When a fresh-faced lesbian starts to explore dating and the LGBT community, it quickly becomes clear the story doesn't end once you come out.

Plagued by disturbing visions of Dysphoria and Euphoria, she starts to question her identity and place in the community once again.


Written and Directed by

Jack Goessens

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In Her Corner

Filming in November 2021

Lothian Films and Bombito are adapting Mikey Burnett's play which premiered at Edinburgh Fringe 2019.


Teenaged Claire suffers horrific guilt after being involved in a street gang fight and attempts to join her local boxing club both for redemption and protection.


Subverting the usual working-class crime stereotypes, Claire overcomes issues of sexuality, grief and family loyalty.


With support from Scottish boxing legend Josh Taylor.

Written entirely in the North Edinburgh dialect and set around a Pilton boxing club.

Written by

Mikey Burnett


Directed by

Emma Ramsay

Produced by 

Laura McBride & Reece Cargan

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Living With It

Short in Pre Production

Supported by BFI network backed Short Circuit's 'Sharp Shorts' scheme.

Perfectionist Lee must adapt to the imperfect reality of
living with a disease - brought to life as a chaotic
supernatural flatmate.


Accepting the long-term effects of disease - and making the best of an imperfect situation - are explored through the relationship between two dysfunctional flatmates in this 7 minute animated mockumentary.

Directed, Written and animated by 


Holly Summerson

Written by

Niki Rooney

Produced by 

Reece Cargan

The Lord is an Onion

Feature drama in English & Dutch

Irene tries to regain control over her daughter Samantha by attempting to obtain an inheritance while travelling back to her estranged family in Aalst, Belgium.


Once there, they get dragged into a local carnival that not only puts the social order upside down but also the lives of these two women.

A fantastic look at the Aalst carnival in Belgium and those who take part in it

Written & Directed by

Charlotte Henderickx

Produced by 

Reece Cargan


TV series in development

Fiona travels with her twins to Loch Lomond to care for her ailing father, but when she discovers his doctor is

a handsome drag king, she is forced to face some personal struggles.

Kings tackles homophobia and sexism and their roots of fear and ignorance.


Its narratives of performance examine expression through art and drag.


The kings in Kings are about performance, about art and about fun. 

Written by

Zan Scott


Short in development

Young Sybill lives in a monochrome world as her Mother's OCD has manifested as a fear of colour.

This stylish short examines the effect and stigma of mental health on those affected and their families.

Written & Directed by

Charlotte Henderickx