A Good Spell

Glasgow, 1970s. 13 year old Charlie Adair is an outcast, who prefers dancing to Kate Bush over playing football.


When his mother tells him he’s a witch, Charlie has to learn to find power in his own uniqueness.



Jay Murphy – a charismatic but deeply troubled young man –  rebels against his sectioning at a psychiatric facility.


Ghoul Friends

Sent to from LA to live in boring Yorkshire, young aspiring social media sensation, Mia, is drawn into an unexpected triangle with her new crush Poppy and a very jealous ghost

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Your Honour 

A young Kurdish woman is fighting to become the first openly transgender lawyer in a rapidly changing Turkey

Seeking hope, solidarity and healing within her community. What seat will she sit in her first trial in this fragmented country? Victim, Defendant, or Lawyer?

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A fresh-faced lesbian explores dating and the LGBT community, it quickly becomes clear the story doesn't end once you come out. Plagued by disturbing visions of Dysphoria and Euphoria, she starts to question her identity and place in the community once again.

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The Lord is an Onion

Irene tries to regain control over her daughter Samantha by attempting to obtain an inheritance while travelling back to her estranged family in Aalst, Belgium.

Feature in English and Dutch.



Tchaikovsky is the pride of Russia, but queer as fuck.


As he fights to express himself, the world around him tries to erase his identity.

Image by Nikolay Vorobyev


A short and personal documentary


Following the journey of a a woman coming off her opiates as she thinks about having a baby with her partner.

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