We recently wrapped production on short film Who I Am Now. The film will be a mixture of live action and animation.

Starring accomplished trans actors Adam Kashmiry Ghostlight, Adam & Talisa Garcia Baptiste, The Girlfriend Experience.

Filming during COVID restrictions was tough but we had a strong and hard working crew and couldn't have asked for better actors and supporting artists. Thanks to everyone who helped our production get to where we are now.


Onto our post-production phase as animator Holly Summerson helps us shape each flashback scene as a bespoke animation designed specifically for the film in collaboration with director Jack Goessens.

The story

Two trans refugees share their stories in this short film about family - the families we’re born into, and the families we make out of our friends.

With Tariq’s older brother arriving from Egypt - the first time he’s seen him since he came to the UK - he’s forced to confront his complicated feelings about family. Denise, his friend and teammate, shares her own story. Who I Am Now is a short film about queerness and family - the families we’re born into, and the families we make out of our friends.

The background

Funded by Creative Scotland via the Create: Inclusion fund and LEAP sports.

The film uses flashback, dream and memory to tell a complex story, and comment and critique the way that queer people are asked to perform their trauma and recount negative experiences in order to be understood by mainstream audiences.

The location

The story's setting and main conversation takes place between Tariq and Denise as they get ready to play a game of football for LGBT football team 'Spectrum FC'. They share stories from their past and bond even further as friends and part of each other's chosen family.

We filmed on location in the impressive grounds of Dumbarton Football club. Overlooked by Dumbarton Castle which sits on volcanic rock known as 'The Rock'. The atmosphere and beauty of the location really added to our production.

The team

Starring Adam Kashmiry as Tariq & Talisa Garcia as Denise

Writer: Michael Lee Richardson

Producer: Reece Cargan

Director: Jack Goessens

DOP: David Lee

1st AD: Juan Melendez Herrera

Production Designer: Cara Roxburgh

Animator: Holly Summerson

1st AC: Sefa Ucbas

Grip: Gordon Eddie

2nd AC: Connor Wilson

Editor: Jack Goessens

Sound Recordist: Seamus Stewart-Skinner

Sound: Sean McGee

Makeup Artist: Francesca Hynd

Make up Assistant: Niamh Carden

Costume Assistant: Oksana Makowska

Production Assistant: Hannah McKelvie-Whyte

Runner: Sarah Manson

Catering: Clementine Catering

Insurance: WK Film Insurance

Dumbarton F.C: Antonia Love & Jacqui Sibbald

Spectrum FC: Michael Lee Richardson, Pip Wright, Rebecca White, Kol Mulligan & Callum Denovellis

Plus a cameo from some of the Saltire Thistle team - Scotland's inclusive football team.

What's next

Post-production will take a little while longer than usual due to the fact we are mixing live action and animation. Jack's previous film Everyman is currently only just starting it's festival journey and will be screening at Glasgow Short Film festival from 22-28 March. International premiere details to be announced soon.

Keep up to date with social media to check in on the status of both Who I am Now and Everyman:




We are delighted to announce that 'Everyman' will screen at Glasgow International Film Festival as part of a 'Bridging the Gap' showcase from Scottish Documentary Institute.

The film

Everyman by Jack Goessens is a personal, visual essay about gender transition – focusing on the social context and exploring how the world is different living as female compared to being perceived as male.

Jack tells his story by using and reframing gender focused tropes and imagery from popular culture, mythology, history and art.

'Everyman' 2021


  • Adam Kashmiry as 'Mars'

  • Goose Masondo as 'Venus'

  • Arran Skillin as 'Young Jack'

  • Jamie Stewart as 'The Gatekeeper'

Adam Kashmiry as 'Mars'

A majority queer cast display different aspects of Jack's life and identity, mirroring his experience from his unique point of view.

Filmed safely in and around Glasgow in October 2020, adhering to strict Government guidelines during the COVID 19 pandemic.

We are delighted to have this home screening and excited that people from all over the UK can actually get the chance to see Jack's personal, striking work in the comfort of their own homes as lockdown continues.

Goose Masondo in the make up chair

The team

  • Written, Directed & Edited by Jack Goessens

  • Produced by Reece Cargan for Scottish Documentary Institute

  • ​DOP: David Liddell

  • Costume Design: Cara Roxburgh

  • Art Direction: Kirstin Rodger

  • Make Up Artist: Hollie Mckenzie

  • Composer: Alex Mackay

Jack directs Arran on set

Get your tickets

Everyman can be seen between the 26 February to 1 March 2021 via Glasgow Film Festival

You can get tickets for the screening from 12 noon on 18 January via: www.glasgowfilm.org/festival

This amazing film comparison is how our latest project has been described. But imagine if Sylvester Stallone as Rocky was female, a teenager and living in Pilton, Edinburgh.

We’re delighted to be teaming up with Lothian Films to co produce this project.

In Her Corner - a short film

A teenage girl desperately fights to join her local boxing gym in order to escape a life of violent crime.

We are putting our twist on the urban working-class crime drama to tell a fast paced coming of age story about perseverance and self-belief.

We are aiming to create a film with energy and authenticity which will excite and inspire film audiences, boxing fans and anyone who has ever wanted to fight for a better life for themselves.

Our short film is an adaptation of the play 'In her Corner' by Mikey Burnett which played to rave reviews at Edinburgh Fringe 2019. 

The story

We’re taking the central premise from Mikey’s play and follow a teenage girl desperate to escape the gangs threatening her future by joining her local boxing gym. By delving deep into the central character’s perspective, we will be able to create a high-drama, self-contained short film. 

We aim to explore a female-centred world that is rarely shown on screen using vibrant, realistic dialogue in North Edinburgh dialect reminiscent of Irvine Welsh. 

"Piltons gonnae be a mere fitnote when they talk aboot aw the hings you're gonnae achieve."

This story tells the truth about the anger and desperation of vulnerable women living in a society that won’t accept them, fighting against everything for a better life.

Meet the team

L-R: Reece Cargan, Emma Ramsay and Laura McBride

Mikey Burnett - Writer

Mikey is one of the BBC Scottish Voices of 2020 and BBC Drama Writers Room 2020. He will adapt his stage play to screen with support from both BBC Writersroom and advice from industry mentors. 

Mikey Burnett - Writer of In Her Corner

Mikey is an Edinburgh playwright who writes predominately in the east coast dialect. His past work comprises both drama and comedy. Focusing mainly on working class stories and characters. In Her Corner enjoyed a highly successful run at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019 and was later shortlisted for The Papatango new writing prize. 

Previously, he has won an attachment to The Traverse Theatre, as part of the prestigious ‘Traverse fifty’.

Emma Ramsay - Director

Emma is a director with a strong track record in scripted development. Emma knows how to craft a story and has a strong visual style. Emma is currently working in-house at Two Rivers Media as Development Trainee mentored by Marcus Wilson (Luther, Doctor Who) and Kathryn Shrubb (Three Girls, Luther, Silent Witness).

She is currently a finalist in the Short Com sitcom writing competition.

Laura McBride Producer (Lothian Films)

Laura is an Edinburgh based producer and founder of Lothian Films. Laura has produced award winning short films, including recently completed SCUZZ, written and directed by Alia Ghafar which was commissioned by BFI Network/Scottish Film Talent Network and was due to premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival prior to its postponement. 

Reece Cargan Producer (Bombito Productions)

Reece is a Glasgow based producer and founder of Bombito Productions.

Reece specialises in documentaries and shorts that discuss, provoke and reflect the current environment and societal issues. Reece is currently producing two commissioned shorts - a documentary 'Venus & Mars' for Scottish Documentary Institute and short film 'Who I am Now' via Creative Scotland.

Our thoughts on the short

Mikey and I are both passionate about boxing and are coincidentally from the same Edinburgh village (where some of the characters are drawn from) and we instantly found a creative connection. The addition of Reece and Laura who have connections in boxing and who champion working-class and LGBT stories via their own production companies, complete the team. 

Emma Ramsay

Industry support

As well as support from film industry mentors, we have support from Scottish boxing legends.

Josh Taylor ‘The Tartan Tornado’

Edinburgh born Josh (ranked as the world's best active light-welterweight) is supporting our project. 

Josh has kindly volunteered to donate a few items - which you can find more about in our rewards section and by following our social channels - where we'll regularly announce further auction items - including some truly unique signed boxing collectibles.

Craig McEwan 

Craig loves Mikey's play and described the premise as "Trainspotting meets Rocky" with his support and belief in the project  - we were able to film our crowdfunder video in Clovenstone Amateur Boxing Club.

This is where we also met the inspirational young boxers - Darcie and Sophia - who you can see in our images and video. They are prime examples of what our film wants to achieve - promoting boxing as an opportunity to girls and young women.

How you can help

Creative Scotland and Crowdfunder have teamed up to launch Crowdfund Creative Scotland which will award up to £5,000 to creative projects across the country via match funding. By supporting us with a donation of whatever you can, you allow us to unlock that match funding.

Your donation will allow us to put all the money raised onscreen in terms of cast, crew, locations, equipment and costume.

Follow our social channels for updates about the project. By donating or buying a reward, you can be part of our story.

Twitter: @In_her_corner

Facebook: @InHerCornerFilm

Instagram: @inhercorner_film 

Thanks so much for reading, sharing and hopefully donating. Anything you can give us helps us get closer to making this film the best it can be. Please like, tag and share our posts so we can meet our fundraising goal.

All boxing images and video courtesy of Andrew Perry | www.andrewperry.co.uk