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Reece Cargan to create new company 'Randan' with James Heath

As announced today in Screen International - Reece Cargan and Vaishnavi Ramu from Bombito are joining forces with James Heath, Simon Mallinson and Lauren Piskothy from MTP to create Randan.

The BFI announced in January that MTP and Bombito were two of a select few production companies to receive funding from their highly competitive Global Screen Fund. With this funding, they are creating a new production company - Randan.

The new company

Producers Reece Cargan and James Heath will now run projects through Randan as a shared vehicle to develop, produce and distribute content with a global reach. The new label was created with a shared vision to champion new storytelling and a desire to tap into the well of talented writers/directors throughout Scotland and beyond. 

Randan will work across live-action features, documentaries and TV and will focus on telling intersectional stories through a contemporary lens, showcasing the best of what UK voices have to offer regionally and globally. 

In years 1-2, they intend to focus on first and second features from emerging writers and directors. Randan’s slate selection is as follows:

  • Boifriend  - by Jack Goessens 

  • Your Honour - by Bircan Birol

  • Ride - by Dean Loxton

  • A Good Spell - by Michael Lee Richardson

  • Love Letters - by Danny Cook

  • Ting - by Maximilien Dejoie and Virginija Vareikyte

  • Head Rush - by Philip Wright

  • Desperate Wretched People - by Jamie Maule-ffinch

Co Productions

These projects will be buoyed by a catalogue of European Co-Productions - with four co-production projects already scheduled for release in 2024, 2025 under the new banner.

  • Where Dragons Live - World Premiere - Sheffield Doc Fest June 2024 - Docmakers, Netherlands 

  • Leonora in the Morning Light  - in post-production - Skye Films Dragonfly films, Meli Melo Cultura  and Digital Cube

  • Spilt Milk- in post-production - co-produced with 925 Productions

  • Midwinter Break  - in post-production Shoebox Films, Family Affair, Film 4, with Protagonist handling worldwide sales

Future plans

At Randan, Reece Cargan will act as both Producer and Managing Director, James Heath will also produce and stay on as executive producer at MTP.  Simon Mallinson takes on the chairman role, and Vaishnavi Ramu and Lauren Piskothy will be joining as Development Assistants from Bombito and MTP respectively.


“As a producer who has worked solo for (too) many years building Bombito up - I’m really happy to now be able to share the future successes, joy, pain and workload! with James and all the team at Randan. 

I’m really excited for this new chapter and looking forward to continuing to co-produce with Europe and push forward Bombito-originated projects -with both Boifriend and Your Honour scheduled for production in 2024 and 2025. 

I’m equally delighted to start working across all the projects that James has originated and start to develop our totally new Randan slate together”. 


“It feels like years of planning have come together to make this a reality. I’m thrilled that the BFI UK Global Screen Fund could see our bold vision of MTP partnering with Bombito together to make something greater than the sum of our parts with Randan. 

Reece is developing a remarkable and exciting variety of projects on the slate and brings skills in abundance. As well as bringing on the brilliant Lauren and Vaishnavi to the team in development, allows for an exciting future ahead for our ambitious production company.

The company will make its debut at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival with both James and Reece on the ground in Cannes.



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