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Drama Feature (in development)

Supported by BFI Network, Short Circuit & Screen Scotland

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When a fresh-faced lesbian starts to explore dating and the LGBT community, it quickly becomes clear the story doesn't end once you come out.


Plagued by disturbing visions of Dysphoria and Euphoria, she starts to question her identity and place in the community once again.

The Team

Writer Director: Jack Goessens

Producer: Reece Cargan Bombito Productions

The Project

In 2018 Jack and Reece met at the Glasgow Short Film Festival Production Attic pitch.​ Jack and Reece kept in touch and worked together as director and producer on short film Everyman (2021) commissioned through the Scottish Documentary Institute’s Bridging the Gap programme.


Everyman won a Royal Television Society Award for Best short form and Best film at SQIFF, as well as being shortlisted for a Grierson Award and screening at multiple BAFTA and Oscar qualifying festivals.


They worked together again on short live action and animated film 'Who I Am Now', funded by Creative Scotland and LEAP. The script was written by Bombito collaborator and BAFTA winning writer Michael Lee Richardson and the film premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2022. 



Boifriend is their first feature together for Reece and Jack and is supported by BFI Network/Short Circuit and Screen Scotland and has been selected as a project at the prestigious Cinemart 2023.

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