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'Boifriend' selected for Cinemart 2023

Bombito producer Reece Cargan will be heading to Cinemart in January 2023, with writer director Jack Goessens to present feature project Boifriend.


When a fresh-faced lesbian starts to explore dating and the LGBT community, it quickly becomes clear the story doesn't end once you come out. Plagued by disturbing visions of Dysphoria and Euphoria, she starts to question her identity and place in the community once again.

The Team

Writer Director: Jack Goessens Producer: Reece Cargan of Bombito Productions

Jack and Reece worked together as director and producer on short film Everyman (2021) commissioned through the Scottish Documentary Institute’s Bridging the Gap programme. It recently won an RTS award for best short form.

It won Best Short Film at SQIFF and Euregion film festivals, as well as being shortlisted for a Grierson Award and screening at multiple BAFTA and Oscar qualifying festivals worldwide.

Their second short collaboration 'Who I Am Now', was funded by Creative Scotland & LEAP sports. The script was written by Michael Lee Richardson and starred Adam Kashmiry and Talisa Garcia. This film premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2022.

The Project

Boifriend is at first draft script stage and has been developed with the assistance of Screen Scotland and BFI NETWORK with its delivery partner Short Circuit via their first features scheme.

Jack has received additional support from Cinesud through their Career Lab and from winning the Royal Film Pitch with this project.​

Jack Goessens on Boifriend:

Boifriend is a character-driven, coming of age story exploring the feelings of gender dysphoria and euphoria. Tegan is disconnected from their body and consequently themself and desperately wants to feel a connection with somebody.

It’s a story about the fluidity of gender and sexuality. Although in the logline I have described a lesbian, by the end of the story the main character will realise that this label does not fit and they identify as transmasculine.

This story is not about gender transitioning, but the (potential) lead up to it. The process of working out what your gender identity is. It’s about what it means to be male or female in this world. It’s about body image, sexuality and identity; and about learning to love who you really are.


Cinemart is a co production market and the competitive industry platform which runs in parallel with the 52nd edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR).

20 titles have been selected for Cinemart 2023 with only 2 from the UK. Presentations to international sales agents, programmers and buyers will take place on February 1st 2023.

Goals at Cinemart

Ideally we would like to find a European co-production partner, international sales agent and distributor interest.

Chat about the project

If you would like to chat about the project or want to come onboard - drop a line to Reece Cargan -


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