Ghoul Friends

Young Adult LGBTQ+TV Series (in development) with Screen Yorkshire's FLEX programme

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Mia Bailey (17) is an LA girl who has wanted to be an investigative journalist from before she even knew that was a thing. But she doesn’t want to be any ordinary investigative journalist – she wants to be one who exposes hoaxes and fake news. 


Stuck visiting her aunt over the summer in Yorkshire, Mia casts around for a story she could use to launch her platform, when she hears of a local haunting. She thinks this might work as an attention grabbing initial story for her show. She can investigate the history of the haunting, and then demonstrate to her audience how people let themselves see things that aren’t there. 


Meanwhile, Poppy Mulligan (17) seriously wishes her parents hadn’t moved into Halmer House. Especially as she’s pretty sure she can see things others can’t – it’s almost like out of the corner of her eye she can see someone, but when she turns they’re not there. When she meets Mia, she can’t wait to help her out with her investigation; anything to prove that she’s not going crazy – even if the alternative is that the dead haunt her home. 


Unfortunately, the girls don’t get off to a good start. Mia thinks Poppy is ridiculous for actually believing in ghosts, and Poppy thinks Mia is a ridiculous cynic. Except, deep down, Mia’s starting to think she’s in over her head. She wanted to prove ghosts aren’t real, but instead she thinks she might be proving the opposite. Terrible things lurk at Halmer House, and they all seem to circle around Poppy. And Mia gets it. She gets why dark things might be attracted to Poppy – she’s luminescent. A light in the darkness. 


Mia never thought she’d believe in ghosts or love, but it looks like she might leave Halmer House believing in both. That’s if she can leave, though. Because if she and Poppy can’t solve what’s happening, the girls might become part of the house forever. 

The Team

Writer: Catherine Wignall

Catherine made her feature film debut with the Blumhouse YA horror-comedy movie Crawlers (Hulu) and has recently finished writing the first season of a new MGM/Brat TV show called Good Luck, Have Fun (YouTube). 

Catherine is a BAFTA LA Newcomer and also the proud recipient of the Carl David Memorial Fellowship in recognition of her work promoting positive representation of LGBTQ life.