A Good Spell

Drama Feature (in development)

Supported by BFI network backed Short Circuit's 'First Features' scheme.

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In 1970s Glasgow, 13 year old Charlie Adair is an outcast. Growing up in a run-down tenement, he’s bullied at school for being eccentric and effeminate, preferring to listen to Kate Bush and practicing the ‘Wuthering Heights’ dance routine to playing football.


After Charlie has a vision of his Mum being in an accident, he confronts her about his mysterious powers. But rather than being upset, Charlie’s Mum is excited. Charlie, she tells him, is a witch!

A Good Spell is a heart-filled story about mothers and sons; about magic and mental health; and about the power we can hold when we lean into who we really are.

Project update

This project was chosen to be workshopped in the development stage at Torino Lab, in Madrid 2021and the script is part of EAVE producers lab 2022 as a working project.

Reece will pitch the project at Inside Out finance forum in June 2022.


I’ve been called gay since before I even knew what it meant

I’m really excited to tell this story about this boy and his Mum, both outcasts, both witches, both tasked with inventing themselves, inventing a way of moving through the world.

The Team

Writer: Michael Lee Richardson

Producer: Reece Cargan 

Michael’s short film, My Loneliness is Killing Me – directed by Tim Courtney – won a BAFTA Scotland Award in 2018. It has been shown on BBC Scotland, and at film festivals around the world.

Both Michael and Reece have multiple film and television projects in development and production.