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Drama Feature (in development)  "Billy Elliot... with broomsticks"

Supported by BFI network backed Short Circuit's 'First Features' scheme & Screen Scotland.

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In 1970s Glasgow, 13 year old Charlie Adair is an outcast. Growing up in a run-down tenement, he’s bullied at school for being eccentric and effeminate, preferring to listen to Kate Bush and practicing the ‘Wuthering Heights’ dance routine to playing football.


After Charlie has a vision of his Mum being in an accident, he confronts her about his mysterious powers. But rather than being upset, Charlie’s Mum is excited. Charlie, she tells him, is a witch!

Charlie ultimately has to learn to find power in his own uniqueness in order to navigate the chaotic and challenging world around him.


Drawing on theories of real magic, A Good Spell is a heart-filled story about mothers and sons; about magic and mental health; and about the power we can hold when we lean into who we really are.

The Coven

Writer: Michael Lee Richardson

Director: To be announced 

Producer: Reece Cargan

A Good Spell is an exciting coming of age film for adults, looking at serious topics such as childhood, sexuality & cultural identity. Our audience will enjoy the characters, setting, music and story world we create – fusing witchcraft, queerness & comedy.

Project Update

  • This project was selected to be workshopped in the development stage at Torino Film Lab, in Madrid

  • Reece and Michael pitched the project at Inside Out finance forum in Canada 

  • The script was selected and developed during EAVE producers lab as a working project

  • The final script is being delivered to funders as we prepare to announce our director and partners to date

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