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Who I Am Now

Short - Live action and animation

Funded by Creative Scotland's Create:Inclusion Fund and LEAP Sports Scotland



When Tariq’s older brother arrives from Egypt - the first time he’s seen him since he came to the UK and since his transition - he’s forced to confront his complicated feelings about family.


Denise, his friend, a fellow trans refugee and teammate, shares her own story about friends and family.

A film about the family we're born into and the families we make from our friends.


Adam Kashmiry  - Ghostlight, Adam

Talisa Garcia - Willow (TV), Baptiste, The Girlfriend Experience



The Team

Writer: Michael Lee Richardson - based on a story by Zan Scott & Adam Kashmiry

Director: Jack Goessens

Producer: Reece Cargan 

Animation: Holly Summerson

DOP: David Lee

More info on the team

In 2018 Jack and Reece met at the Glasgow Short Film Festival pitch. ​They kept in touch and worked together as director and producer on Everyman (2021) also with Adam Kashmiry and Cara Roxburgh.

Writer Michael Lee Richardson joined the Who I Am Now team along with DOP David Lee and animator Holly Summerson.

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