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Watch 'Change of Tune' online now

If you want to watch a short film that shares a comic look at how a young woman deals with sexist comments and toxic masculinity AND features a jazz band playing an original song - then this gem might be just be perfect for you.

The short

Nina, a waitress (Maria Wiik) is on the receiving end of sexist comments during her work at a coffee shop. At first she is unsure of how to respond but she uses her imagination and love of jazz to find the power to stand up to her abusers.

Maria Wiik as Nina in Change of Tune

Watch the film

Filmed on location in Harry's Bar in Edinburgh in 2018 with the Tenement Jazz Band playing live. You can watch the short on Vimeo now.


Written by Gavin Baker, Directed by Frøydis Fossli Moe

Cinematographer Maëva Boche, Sound by Kacper Karpowicz

Produced by Mathilde De Bras De Fer & Reece Cargan

Editor and Colourist Sean Geddes, Composer Simon Toner

Starring Maria Wiik


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