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Living With It and Pembe Ay (Pink Moon) to screen at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2023

Bombito Productions is delighted to announce that 'Living With It' and 'Pembe Ay' (Pink Moon) will be screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2023!

Living With It

Conceived, directed, edited and animated by Holly Summerson - and written by Nikki Rooney - 'Living With It' sees perfectionist Lee (Annabelle Davis) needing to adapt to the imperfect reality of living with a disease brought to life as a chaotic supernatural flatmate, Bug (Lawrence Chaney). Narrated superbly by actor/comedian Rachel Jackson.

Director Holly Summerson:

“Accepting disability as an important, normal part of your life is a complicated feeling - it’s incredible to have the opportunity to explore this with humour, strangeness and sensitivity in 'Living With It'.

“I am so lucky to have worked with this brilliant team, who’ve brought their own experiences, insights and exceptional skills to this film. It’s so exciting that we get to share it at Edinburgh International Film Festival!! Just down the road from where a lot of 'Living With It' was animated, shaped and dreamed about - and as part of such an outstanding, inspiring festival selection.”

Pembe Ay

During the Pink Moon season - which sees rebirth after winter - Meray leaves Scotland and revisits her childhood home to be with her father, and work through their garden, as it blossoms on the politically and physically divided island of Cyprus. While this once gave her nightmares of the conflict, Meray now finds this ignites her conversations with her father. The filmmaker digs into the intergenerational trauma, and how the conflict, opposing views to her father, and restrictions in north Cyprus affected her migration.

The film is in Turkish and will have English descriptive subtitles in all screenings.

Director Meray Diner:

“To my knowledge, I am the first Turkish Cypriot filmmaker who is showing a film in EIFF, so I can't help but feel very emotional and a great sense of empowerment through this film and the event. I am excited about the world premiere of Pembe Ay (Pink Moon) in my second home Scotland, a place that gave me the opportunity to tell my story.”

Book Tickets

Pink Moon Screening Times:

  • 19.08.2023 15:00 VUE Screen 10 (sold out)

  • 19.08.2023 15:10 VUE Screen 11

  • 19.08.2023 15:20 VUE Screen 12 (with AD)

Book tickets here via the EIF website.

Living With It Screening Times:

  • 23.08.2023 19:10 VUE Omni Screen 10 (sold out)

  • 23.08.2023 19:20 VUE Omni Screen 11

  • 23.08.2023 19:30 VUE Omni Screen 12

Book tickets here via the EIF website.


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