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'Clean' by Miranda Stern to premiere at 75th Edinburgh International Film Festival

We are pleased to reveal that 2 films produced by Bombito Productions will receive their world premieres at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2022. Miranda Stern's personal documentary 'Clean' and live action and animated film 'Who I am Now'.

Miranda Stern's very personal and moving documentary will be screening at the 75th edition of the Edinburgh International Film Festival in a world premiere on 16 August 2022.


A short and personal female-centred documentary about addiction and long-term recovery from it. This film weaves together observational and lyrical elements to take us into the challenging, deeply personal and relatively unknown world of recovery – along with the processes of care that follow in the years after a period of active addiction.

This is one couple’s journey together as they negotiate the world of recovery and how to plan for a future with so much uncertainty in it.

A female-centred film about addiction. And long-term recovery from it. Made by an addict. Not by an outsider pointing a camera at addicts struggling with relapses and failure and turning that struggle into entertainment for others.
Not focusing on the dark descent into heroin’s seedy underworld but rather taking us into the challenging, deeply personal, and unknown world of recovery and hope.
Most representations we see on these topics sensationalise a manic, animal-like desperation for the next fix, but rarely frame it in the context of why people are that way...

Miranda Stern

Screening date and tickets

Clean will screen as part of the programme ‘Shorts: Bridging The Gap - Tomorrow’.

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Miranda Stern

Miranda has worked as a self-shooting PD for the BBC and other broadcasters, as well as making campaign shorts, PSAs and immersive 60” films for Scottish Ensemble, UK Says No More, The Red Cross and others.

Her short drama ‘Revert’ was selected by the BFI Sharp Shorts scheme (2021), she came second place at 16 DAYS 16 FILMS and has had work screened at the Ch4 cinema in association with Film 4.

Further information

  • Directed and Edited by Miranda Stern

  • Cinematographer: Julyan Sinclair

  • Producer: Reece Cargan

  • Executive Producer: Sue Bourne

  • Composer: Rotem Frimer

  • Edit Consultant: Emiliano Battista

  • Colourist and Online Editor Karolina Matela

  • Sound Designer: Alina Ushakova

  • Dubbing Mixer: Joseph Russell

Developed, supported and executive produced by the Scottish Documentary Institute's Bridging the Gap programme and Screen Scotland.

Screening or distribution requests

Please contact Alexandra via

Screening of Bombito project 'Who I Am Now'

Who I Am Now will also be screening at its World Premiere at Edinburgh on 13th August. More details are available on the film and screening.


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