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Everyman to screen at Glasgow International Film Festival 2021

We are delighted to announce that 'Everyman' will screen at Glasgow International Film Festival as part of a 'Bridging the Gap' showcase from Scottish Documentary Institute.

The film

Everyman by Jack Goessens is a personal, visual essay about gender transition – focusing on the social context and exploring how the world is different living as female compared to being perceived as male.

Jack tells his story by using and reframing gender focused tropes and imagery from popular culture, mythology, history and art.

'Everyman' 2021


  • Adam Kashmiry as 'Mars'

  • Goose Masondo as 'Venus'

  • Arran Skillin as 'Young Jack'

  • Jamie Stewart as 'The Gatekeeper'

Adam Kashmiry as 'Mars'

A majority queer cast display different aspects of Jack's life and identity, mirroring his experience from his unique point of view.

Filmed safely in and around Glasgow in October 2020, adhering to strict Government guidelines during the COVID 19 pandemic.

We are delighted to have this home screening and excited that people from all over the UK can actually get the chance to see Jack's personal, striking work in the comfort of their own homes as lockdown continues.

Goose Masondo in the make up chair

The team

  • Written, Directed & Edited by Jack Goessens

  • Produced by Reece Cargan for Scottish Documentary Institute

  • ​DOP: David Liddell

  • Costume Design: Cara Roxburgh

  • Art Direction: Kirstin Rodger

  • Make Up Artist: Hollie Mckenzie

  • Composer: Alex Mackay

Jack directs Arran on set

Get your tickets

Everyman can be seen between the 26 February to 1 March 2021 via Glasgow Film Festival

You can get tickets for the screening from 12 noon on 18 January via:


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