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Candeline continues its festival success

Our short film Candeline 'Birthday Candles' continues to scoop awards - fresh from success for actor Francesco Foti and official selection at Catania Film Fest, the Italian short film, created by students from Screen Academy Scotland has won a prize at Films Schools Day during Glasgow Short Film Festival - decided by panellists including:

  • Sarah Dombrink (Acquisition Manager for interfilm Short Film Sales & Distribution, Berlin)

  • Leslie Hills (producer, Skyline Productions, Edinburgh)

  • Wouter Jansen (festival strategy and distribution, Some Shorts, Nijmegen).

The Panel was hosted by GSFF Industry Coordinator Emma Van Der Putten.

L-R: Candeline Producer Reece Cargan, Panel: Leslie Hills, Sarah Dombrink, Wouter Jansen, Emma Van Der Putten and Candeline editor Sean Geddes

View the trailer

Producer: Reece Cargan

Editor: Sean Geddes


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