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Prosopagnosia uses expressive animation to investigate intimacy, communication and memory.


Prosopagnosia means face-blindness and to understand this neurodiverse behaviour, the contents of a memory box are intricately explored.


Sketchbooks, photographs and diaries unravel to tell a unique and personal story.

Prosopagnosia premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2021 edition with an International Premiere in competition at IDFA 2021.

Written, directed and animated by

Steven Fraser

Produced by

Reece Cargan for 

Scottish Documentary Institute 

Who I Am Now.

2021 In Post Production

When Tariq’s older brother arrives from Egypt - the first time he’s seen him since he came to the UK and since his transition - he’s forced to confront his complicated feelings about family.


Denise, his friend, a fellow trans refugee and teammate, shares her own story about friends and family.

A film about the family we're born into and the families we make from our friends.

Based on an idea by

Zan Scott


Adam Kashmiry Ghostlight & Talisa Garcia Baptiste, The Girlfriend Experience

Written by

Michael Lee Richardson

Directed by

Jack Goessens

Animation by Holly Summerson

Produced by 

Reece Cargan



A personal, visual essay about gender transition – focusing on the social context and implications and exploring how the world is different living as female compared to being perceived as male.

Jack tells his story by using and reframing gender focused tropes and imagery from popular culture, mythology, history and art.

Starring a queer cast displaying different aspects of Jack's life and identity, mirroring his experience from his unique point of view.

Shortlisted for a Grierson Award. Winner of Best Short at SQIFF 2021.

Written, Directed & Edited by

Jack Goessens

Produced by

Reece Cargan for Scottish Documentary Institute

View the Trailer

Short films: Project
Candeline poster full credits.jpg


Birthday Candles is a meditation on loneliness, compassion and empathy starring Francesco Foti & Giorgio Colangeli.

Filmed in Rome, this lyrical drama shows 3 men and a girl faced by their struggles.

  • Official selection Catania Film Festival & winner of Best Actor - Francesco Foti.

  • Audience award at Asti Film Festival

  • Best Fiction Short Film at Aphrodite Film Awards, NYC.


Written by

Alessandro Logli & Asiyat Gamzatova 


Directed by

Asiyat Gamzatova


Produced  by

Reece Cargan

The Punishment


This multi award winning film

stars Cal MacAninch with a cast of Scottish talent:

Jenni Keenan Green, Kirsty Strain, Jim Sweeney and Ronan Doyle.

'Michael is used to enforcing vengeance as part of his job. When his work and family life collides, an act of violence sets off a chain of repercussions that changes everything'.

View the trailer.

Written & Directed by

Chris Sexton Fletcher

Produced by 

Reece Cargan

Photo by Todd Richter.

The Telling


The Telling is an original, short slow burn folk horror film which pays tribute to cult supernatural TV shows of the 1970s and 80s.

Filmed in the Scottish Borders.

Watch now on Amazon Prime UK  or on Vimeo.

Written and Directed by

Stewart Hamilton


Andy Noble

Clare Ross

Short films: Project
Stay Awake


Power, control and Gaslighting... What if the demon Alice keeps seeing in her dreams is real?


Alice’s nightmares are taking over her life and her relationships. This short shines a light on the dynamics of power and abuse in relationships and tackles the uncomfortable subject of gaslighting.

Written by

Juan Melendez Herrera & Caitlin Delves

Directed by

Juan Melendez Herrera


Kim Gerard



A film about what happens when someone witnesses something that affects them deeply.

What would you do if you saw something and didn't know what to do?

Written by

Silja Dahl Kleding

Directed by 

Jinling Wu


Andrew Morris

Junior Cross

Change of Tune


A film that looks at how to deal with toxic masculinity.

Nina, a waitress on the receiving end of sexist comments uses her imagination and love of jazz to find the power to stand up to her abusers.

Written by

Gavin Baker

Directed by 

Frøydis Fossli Moe

Produced by

Crumpet & Croissant


Maria Wiik & the Tenement Jazz Band

Watch Change of Tune

The Test


During an odd job selection process, a man and a woman have to make each other leave the room in order to get the position.

Filmed entirely in one take. 

Written by Tom Butcher Cury 
Directed by Ryan Sykes 


  • Calum Barbour

  • Annabel Logan

  • Sarah Manson

Watch The Test now

Lost and Found


A troubled fugitive steals a car only to find himself faced with a grim moral dilemma. 


Based on a script by Scottish author and Screenwriter Hazel Allan

Directed by André Franco

Produced by Reece Cargan


Greg Sives & Erin Christie


Premiered in competition at Edinburgh Short Film Festival 

Watch the film here.



'GAZE' is an LGBT themed comedy which tells the story of a man who spots his crush in a classroom and asks his friend to teach him how to attract his attention through 'a look'.

A short and amusing comedy which explores a fleeting connection, 'gaydar' and 'the look'.

Written and Produced by:

Reece Cargan


Directed by:

Juan Melendez Herrera



  • Gavin McNee

  • Reece Phillips

  • Damian Dales




The award winning debut of emerging Irish Writer/Director Eva Wyse 

Isabel Lasker (The Bling Ring) stars as Lucy in this surreal 2 minute short which asks the question - how can we empower ourselves in the face of abuse?

Tom (played by Waterloo Road's Lee Abbate) is a wannabe intellect with a dark side. He calls his ex girlfriend (Lucy) to leave a vitriolic and 

abusive message.

You can watch this film via the John Byrne Award website, where the film won short of the month - June 2018.

"visually catchy, provocative and has a powerful message".

The John Byrne Award

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