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In Bread, the struggle for survival transcends the boundaries of law and order.

A thief snatches a packet of bread from a young child, setting off a chase into a dense forest where the stolen bread becomes their only hope for sustenance.

Bread explores themes of desperation, moral ambiguity - challenging pre conceived notions of right and wrong in the face of primal instincts.

The Team

Writer Director : Binendra Menon

Producer: Reece Cargan

Editor: Appu N Bhattathiri

Colourist: Ajith Krishnamoorthy Nair PSFC

Music: Ross Koopmans

Sound Mix: Kacper Karpowicz

Production Design: Jithin Sajeev

Make Up: Gauri Rathes

The Cast

Thief : Sudhakaran Akhilan

Police: Ajmal Zain

Director statement - Binendra Menon

Bread - is my debut as a director, although I've been working behind the camera for more than a decade.


The inspiration for this short film arose in 2018, following the tragic lynching of a 27-year-old tribal youth from Chindukuru in Palakkad, India. He was accused of stealing provisions from a shop, a fate sadly shared by others. These events sparked reflections amongst many on societal justice.

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